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yea i know there's a spectrum i would be considered "high functioning" on it, what type isn't much different than asking what end of the spectrum, i don't really think the terms matter all that much /: i was just wondering you don't have to answer

functioning labels can be incredibly shitty and elitist, since they imply that the “higher functioning” you are, the more you contribute to society and the less struggle you will have as an autistic. so i just don’t use the labels \_(ツ)_/ 

again just a plant blogger who doesn't want to reveal his identity bc i am also autistic (asperger's, professionally diagnosed, also have severe anxiety and dysthymia)

oh shit… sorry bout that. if you come off anon we can chat? i think you can understand my reaction when assuming an anon was some allistic

sporecarrier replied to your post: Anonyme a dit:hey babes, sorry if…

its porbably just 1 person. probably hazel

I was too fed up too reply to that one but I guess it’s just some blogger?!?

hey babes, sorry if this infringes on anything, but you seem to want people to know... when were you diagnosed with anxiety and autism and stuff?

i was diagnosed professionally with anxiety, ocd, and depression. i am self-diagnosed with autism

How come in your description you mention ocd, anxiety, etc, but not your autism? Just wondering bc some people list everything

because if an IRL person stumbles upon my blog and doesnt bother to read through my posts, they won’t see that im autistic and like… tell everyone. its a matter of safety because some people i hardly know have my url

what type of autism do you have