Stiles/Isaac where they're playing video games and getting really competitive then they or something?!? im not sure what the transition between video games/makeouts would be but im all for it


*then they makeout or something

sorry this took a little while to get to, I’m going through these prompts as quickly as I can. but I hope you like it!

"Can I play?"

Stiles paused his current race of Mario Kart (in which he was totally kicking ass thank you very much) and glanced up. Blinked. Gaped.

Isaac raised a brow at him, looking down with that look he had which said Stiles was being an idiot and it was highly amusing. He was holding one of the Wii controllers in his hand.


"Err, I guess."

Isaac stretched out on the opposite side of the couch, long legs splayed in front of him, open almost like an invitation. An invitation for someone that actually liked him of course, which Stiles did not.

"I want to be Yoshi," he said, turning on his controller. Stiles gave him an incredulous look.

"He’s a good character," Isaac said with a shrug. 

Stiles couldn’t argue with that, and besides, he always played as Bowser anyways. “Whatever man, but we’re doing Rainbow Road.”

"Bring it on Stilinski."

"I’ll have you know I’m excellent at Rainbow Road.”

"We’ll see about that."

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someone wrote this fic for my prompt??? im dying??

little no money things: being glad ur mums been unemployed for over a year because you can definitely use that sob story in scolarship applications